Editing HTML

I'll start out by saying that Bootstrap Studio is great if you want to create a page quickly. However, since I know how to code in HTML and CSS, I don't always need the WYSIWYG editor. Is there a way to edit the HTML directly? I would prefer go back and forth between using WYSIWYG and the actual HTML code. For example, I'd like to be able to set up the main design for each version (i.e. set up the header with an image and the general menu structure) with the WYSIWYG editor, then go into the HTML to edit the actual contents of the image and menus. I can see that there is an HTML tab, but I can't edit it. Can somebody please help me?


If you want to code your HTML manually you can use a custom code component. That allows you to enter what ever you want, HTML, php etc but only draw back is you forfeit ability to drag and drop anything into that block of code.

Also if you drag and drop component to get a structure you can right click and "convert to HTML" which makes it custom code component then.

By default the BSS devs locked down ability to manually edit code direct as the tool is drag and drop using their components and to ensure correct mark up is used.

There isn't much with the HTML that really needs to be changed unless you are adding custom components to your page. Almost everything can be edited within the app.

Having said that, it has been suggested to be able to edit the text parts of the HTML window which they have said might be a possibility in a future build. However, we have been made aware that they won't be making that area fully editable. I am sure things will be made easier to work with as they develop it.

I too am hoping for some way to edit the full HTML, but I guess we will have to see.

Would be great if they gave us a switch to allow those of us with code to turn on full editing while leaving it blocked for those that don't code.

I'm not concerned with being able to drag-and-drop once I get the main structure of my items set up. The only reason I would se drag-and-drop would be to allow me to structure the content pieces (heading, footer, etc.)

Sounds like custom code will suit you fine in that case ?