Element Labels


I know you can set element labels (on the side bar, right click, Label...) this is very useful.

However, it would be great to have automatic labels, like, class name, or id...

Or even just a new field "Label" under the attributes pane, just for quick access or a shortcut.

I don't know, anything that could make this quicker.


You can do all of that in Attributes pane, not sure what you mean or I'm missing the point.

The Attributes pane has ID and Class Names there for you to enter, you just have to make sure to hit the Apply button to activate them.

There's a little plus sign ( + ) to the right of the Apply button. Hit that and it will create a place for you to add your own attributes or field labels. You would do this WITHOUT adding quotation marks so you would put the name of the field/attribute in the left box and the value in the right box.

Thanks Jo, but I mean the LABEL on the sidebar, like I state on my 1st post, like seen here:

Element Label

I see, I think ... are saying you want to add them in that way? On the right click menu same as you do labels?

It's really a whole lot easier using the system the way it's been designed for those settings. Doing it the way you're asking is many clicks more than necessary when the window for the Attributes is right there in front of you for adding them directly. Am I still not understanding your points?

Jo, these labels are just visual identifiers, like naming layer on Photoshop, they do not affect the output code.

These help a lot when you have a lot of generic elements, like div's, etc...


What I want is a keyboard shortcut, or some way of adding them without "right click > Label..."

Ok I confess you totally lost me as to what it is you're asking for. You can easily see all classes and id's and attributes etc. in the HTMl window by clicking any element you want the info for, so what would be the purpose of adding it all to the Overview pane other than cluttering it up with a ton of text that would get in our way? Either I'm totally lost, or I understand it and I just am not seeing the need for it maybe. To me it would be a lot of information making me have to move the window width constantly more than I have to already to see what is there. It's all in your HTML window and clearly shown when something is selected.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have never once thought that the Overview needed anything other than the Labels it has now for recognition of what it is you're looking at. All the rest I have intuitively looked in the HTML window for to see what was set to that element for it's attributes. Not something I would see as useful I guess. .....

That is of course, if I'm even understanding what you're wanting lol.

Edit: Having said all that, I personally would find it a whole lot more useful if the little blue popup window that sits in the left top of the element selected in the Preview window would have a list of the current ID's, Classes, Attributes, etc. that were clickable to take you to them in their Respective windows. That to me would be a whole lot cleaner and easier to see than listing them like Labels in the Overview pane. I've used a handful of apps that did that and it was a very nice feature to be able to access the settings right from selected element in Preview. Just my opinion on it all of course. :)

Jo, that's ok. I think you're over complicating things.

The only thing I wanted is the ability to quickly add element labels ( not the html label tag) under the overview pane.

I made a video of the label


Wow did I read your post entirely wrong LOL.

I see now, my bad.

++++ 1 I too would love to see Labels added to the Attributes window or a shortcut for them. Man I need a break I guess! LOL

Thanks for the suggestion! I think the attributes panel would be a poor fit for this, as it is for actual attributes that are added to the page.

But the Ctrl+L (Cmd+L on Mac) shortcut is free. We can just pop open the Label dialog in that case. What do you think?

YES!!! that will work, thanks Martin!!

Perfect! Thanks from me too Martin, that will help.

I agree with the shortcut. I too use labels a lot for quick visual identification of the page structure and a faster way to edit them is more than welcome!