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How do I create an email template and save it as a single HTML file?

You would be better using mail studio rather than bootstrap studio.

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Thank you @richards for your response.

Yes, I like mailstudio very much and would actually be a good solution, but only if the pricing policy would have been the same as for Bootstrapstudio. But as a subscription it is not interesting for me.

Anyway, thank you.

Not sure what you mean by email “template.” Can you provide an example.


richards understood my question.

By email template I meant HTML emails, which I’m creating with Dreamweaver for now.

It is also possible to create HTML emails only with bootstrap class and which are supported by most mail clients and which I create manually with any HTML editor.

I just thought it would be interesting to have a possibility directly with “Bootstrap Studio”, and to generate only one file (html), so as “HTML email”

Can you provide an example?

Try doing a search for html to email or CSS inline

There was one I used to use years ago but I can’t think that it was called. I will update if I remember.

What is worth bearing in mind is that there are so many email clients that it can be worth spending a few dollars/pounds/euros etc on the right software to get it right. If your sending an email that looks a mess it can lose you business.

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You could try using Bootstrap Email Editor in conjunction with Bootstrap Studio (gently feature wise).

Which might be what Mail Studio uses under the hood? :thinking:

@bss_user ,

Yeah that’s right, that’s exactly what I’m using right now, “bootstrap code” emails that I’m working with Dreamweaver.