embed Blog into iframe?

A couple of clients have expressed an interest in having their own blog posts on sites I have built in BSS. I've searched the forms ands there doesn't seem to be an easy answer way to implement this directly into BSS. Would a possible solution be to set up an external blog in blogger (or similar) and embed this into an iframe? Has anyone achieved something like this?

An easier solution would be to set up something like Wordpress or similar for blogging and link to it in the website's menu, and link to the website in the blog's menu. Much simpler than trying to embed something in an iframe or other setup.

This would also give them the ability to go in and do their blogging at their whim without you having to be involved, unless of course you want to be :)

OK thanks, I'll have another look at WordPress. I started a project in WP before but it didn't really click with me. I should probably give it another chance.

The key for this is to just set it up for blogging for your client(s) so that they can log in and do their blogs as easy as possible without giving them access to the backend of it. Then it's just styling it similar to their website and putting the necessary links on the Wordpress an the website. Try not to get too caught up in all the billions of plugins and settings lol. That's half the battle. Another option is to find a ready made template that is all set up and all you would need to do then is set up roles for specific access for them. It's doable if they really need it.

For me, something that takes me maybe the first time to set up a web page in HTML for blogging and having my clients send me their blogs is much simpler. I'm pretty quick at getting the updates done so as long as that can happen they are happy since their blogs are kept up to date and they don't have to bother with it at all. Works for some, some like to do their own, etc etc. Good luck whichever way you end up going :)

Blogger is easy to implement if it is just for show the posts from blogger.

here is an example