Embedding clinico booking software

Hello! I am completely new to using Bootstrap Studio so not a clue where to start with this really!

I am building a site for a clinic and they want to be able to have online booking available through the site…this means embedding some software called Clinico. When I look on the Clinico site there are instructions on how to embed it in a Wix site and a Squarespace site but not Bootstrap Studio…I am guessing I just need to put the script in the right place…but can you even edit code on Bootstrap Studio? So far I haven’t edited any code, I have just used pre made components and customised them using the UI…

is it possible to edit the code and put in an embedding script does anyone know?

I took a quick look at the Clinico website, and assuming this is the product you are using…

…it appears to be a pretty straightforward process.

Copy the Clinico code to your clipboard (or a temporary text file.) Then, go to your Bootstrap Studio website. Drag and drop a Custom Code Component on to your page (you’ll probably want to put it inside a setup like… Container > Row > Column > Custom Code)

Double click the Custom Code component. Delete the <div>Custom Code</div>, paste your copied code in its place and click the Apply button.

Preview the page in a web browser. You should see the Clinico booking page appear on your website page.