Emmet Support for Custom HTML

Hi! I think that many of us would really appreciate if Emmet was supported in the Custom Code blocks. This means that our workflow really increases and work can be done much quicker. For those of you who are not sure what emmet is, here is a little explanation:

You can use css selectors to quickly create items and divs:

  • Typing .nav-item.active will automatically create a div with the two clases: <div class="nav-item active"></div>
  • It Can easily create lorem text for you, typing loremX where X is a number, will automatically replace it with that many words in latin.
  • For the full power of emmet, you can do stuff like ul#nav>li.item$*4>a{Item $} which is then turned into


That (and more) has been requested many times, search for EMMET and you'll see the threads. Martin, BSS developer gave his answer more than one here ago here.

Yeah, one of the biggest problems trying to implement something like Emmet is that you need the ability to edit the code directly (HTML) and we don't have that, and I've no idea if they ever plan to add it (I certainly HOPE so since it is a major hinderance), and it's pretty much impossible to do something like Emmet without that ability since Emmet adds to the HTML.

Having said that, it sure would be awesome!