Enter Umlauts and Symbols, Char Input

Hi, I try to write symbols and umlauts in a correct way. By help of the char input button, my char table contains only very few symbols, 40 to be exact. I'm used to enter or replace Umlauts in html like ü for ü or © for the copy symbol if there is no automatic translation into html conventions. Is there a way to do this or to get a complete char table? I really like bootstrap studio, have learned in few days to use bootstrap and CSS and build my website. Thanks.

Are you on Mac or PC? Windows has a Character Map utility in Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools

I'm on a Mac and I can find the symbols in other programs and copy them, or find them on the keyboard. My main question was about the HTML names like © or ü (when writing these HTML names in my question above these names were not visible because correctly rendered as symbols), but it seems they are mostly not in use any more, because if the user doesn't change from UTF-8 to another text coding the symbols are rendered correctly when they are just put into the HTML text like they are.

no need anymore to use html entities for UTF letters like ü etc.