exactly how to do links please!

hi, so i worked out where to put the link but what is the link?

this is my home page: http://www.victorianvintagespeedway.com/#

how do i get rid of the # and the tag says index!

so to connect the contacts page, do i select the link and put in http://www.victorianvintagespeedway.com/contacts

and for cars & drivers http://www.victorianvintagespeedway.com/carsanddrivers

best wishes and thanks, jo cheers

Hiya Magpie,

Sounds like you're not very familiar with building websites as the questions you're asking are web building 101 intro questions. I would highly suggest that if you're planning to use this app to build websites, that you find some basic tutorials on HTML, HTML5, CSS and CSS3 so you have some idea of the basics of how to do things.

In the meantime, ...

Your hash tag # is coming from the menu when you click something that doesn't have a link tied to it, but is not disabled. Once you add links to your menu items, those will go away, they are just temporary until then. The hash tag in links represents an empty link for the most part and is used many times to create dropdowns where the parent doesn't have a link in it at all. This basically means that the parent link would have the # sign in it so that it doesn't go anywhere and allows for the dropdown to be used more efficiently.

For the links that will be to pages of your own website, you don't have to include the full URL, just the path after the domain name so for your contacts page you would type that as:


Always remember to add the files extension, in this case it will be .html

For links that go to other people's websites you will want to use the full URL including the domain name and if it's going to some other page than the main home page of the domain you will want to add the name of the page as well as the file extension. If it's going to the main index.html page of that website you can just type the domain such as http://www.domainnamehere.com

Same goes for your cars and drivers page and any other pages on your website that you want to link to.

Hope that helps and if you need some resources for learning things, a good place to start that runs really good deals for $10 - $20 a course with lots of video courses would be http://udemy.com and also http://www.w3schools.com and http://learntoprogram.tv

Good Luck!

yeah well i still cant get the links to work, and ive tried and uploaded the whole bloody thing 5 times tonight! as for the videos, im deaf, they are useless, i was hoping for some written instructions. when i did a webpage years ago, the site builder helped with instructions. this builder is pretty easy to use, but i really need some instructions on loading everything, thanks for trying to help, maybe im just too dumb!