Example Site 4 health-management company

I want to show you an example for an german health-management company which i made on bss.

*Note this is only an example - content, seo etc. is currently not done - just an optical example.

original website is online available on http://hmg-info.com.

My example can be found here: https://hmg.bss.design/

best regards

Looks nice @beyerben88 good job! The yellow is a bit bright, might want to tone that down just a little bit for aesthetics sake. Your clients and/or potentials will appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Nice. I would offer two small pieces of constructive criticism…

  1. I understand why you added the slight transparency to the Navbar - so the background image shows through. But once you start to scroll, seeing the page contents behind the Navbar (particularly if the mobile menu is open) is distracting. I would suggest using JavaScript to add a class to make the Navbar become opaque when you scroll.

  2. Use an svg version of the logo (like the one I just email to you :wink:) It will be much clearer at such a small size.

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I think the website with that bright yellow is the original site, and @beyerben88 has rebuilt it into the one in the second link. The first link looks like a really old, non-responsive website, and it’s using jQuery version 1.7 (yipes!)

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Hi Ninja, thx 4 Ur work (svg). Like i wrote this was an 1st draft. But i will think about your hints. This draft was/is Not payed so its minified as possible. The svg file you provided looks very clean - Great Job.

Yes, you are on the Right way. :eyes::+1:

My pleasure. I love using svg graphics wherever possible. It’s great to be able to just resize them via CSS, and not worry about file size or clarity.