Excessive font loading

Even being disabled in BSS, when choosing fonts the link to them configures all other font defaults.
I left only Latin, see the images and the source code:
It should just be Latin, but these other two are loading too.
/* devanagari /
latin-ext */

This was the selection!

The result loaded was this!

Interesting. This seems to be the default behavior of all the fonts. It selectively loads the weights, but not the alternates.

Exactly, I just decided to flag it, since I don’t load fonts in my projects.
I include them via css, I think it’s better that way, but I’m not sure.

Thank you for the report! Bootstrap Studio sets the correct subset parameter for the Google Fonts URL, but it appears that some time back they have started ignoring it for modern browsers which support the unicode-range property. See an example.

In modern browsers Google Fonts ignores the subset variant and returns all subsets, with each having a unicode-range parameter instead. This instructs the browser to only download the font file if specific characters are used on the page.

In other words, no extra files are downloaded. The subset query parameter is necessary only for legacy browsers.