Existing animations stopped working after update [fixed in 2.5.4]


I just updated my bootstrap to 2.5.3 and found out that the existing animations no longer work in preview or after upload to the host server. can have a look at the issue please, thanks!

I have encountered this issue as well. (except parallax-bg animations, they work)

i tried that parallax-bg but doesn't seems to be working, not sure what went wrong.


This is a strange issue that I can't seem to reproduce. Do you see the animations on this site: http://sparkling-shape-5056.bss.design/ There should be a parallax animation at the top, and three animated blocks further down.

If this site works for you, but yours still doesn't, can you send me the bsdesign file at hi [at] bootstrapstudio [dot] io?

Just chiming in here for Mac version. I don't know what the Parallax should be doing, but all there is is a large image in the top, doesn't do anything animated at all for me.

The images below that slide up though when you scroll down, so that part seems to be working for me.

Chrome Browser on Mac.

Hi Martin,

well actually the parallax is not the real issue here, we just got side track... the real problem is that the existing animations no longer works after bootstrap update... i can still see that the animations r still assigned with the purple star. but when i try to preview or upload to host server, it just doesn't works anymore. can u look into that please thanks!

Thanks @tintwin84! I narrowed down the bug. It is very subtle. If you have one or more components with a fade-down animation, then animations work perfectly. But if none of your animations are fade-down, then no animations work at all. So a workaround is to add one element with a fade-down animation to your design.

This bug is now fixed and will be part of the next release of Bootstrap Studio. We will wait a few more days before releasing it, so that if any other bugs get reported, we can fix them in a single release.