Expand all accordion items on the Stage

Sure would be nice if all the accordion items were expanded on the Stage. Unless I've missed something, the only way to edit the text of a component (e.g., a label or heading) on one of the collapsed items is to 1) drag the component out of the Accordion on the Overview; 2) edit the text; 3) drag the component back into place; 4) preview the page to make sure that you have dragged it back into the right place.

Of course, allowing the user to expand/collapse the Items on the Stage would also solve the problem -- but I'm sure that would be a more complex approach.

Whoops ... I take it back .... I just read a recent "Tips & Tricks" that explained the Show button. That solves the problem!

haha yeah that one got me the first time I used it too, once you get the hang of it though it works pretty slick. Then the only issue is ... setting the right tab or accordion area as the default, or back to the default. Can't tell you how many times I've edited tabs or accordion areas and forgot to reset the first one to the default again lol.