Expand/Close All toggle?

Just wondering if it's possible to get an Expand/Close all toggle for the HTML window? I've got some pretty long scripts and I can't count how many times with swapping between the app, the browser, text editors etc. that I've had to reopen all the sections that I had previously already opened. They close on me constantly. I haven't taken the time to see what might be triggering it, but an Expand/Close all would be much appreciated for this situation. This code I'm working with is the Accordion component and I have right now, 6 of them on my page and each has 12 items in it. Needless to say, having to open each one manually takes forever so an Expand/Close All toggle would really be handy for this.

I think that adding "expand/collapse all" would be a good addition to the HTML panel. The part with HTML elements collapsing on their own sounds like a bug. This could happen when Custom Code is used and updated, but it shouldn't otherwise.

Yeah it's funny because ever since I posted that, it hasn't happened to me lol. I would still love to have the close/open all toggle though and appreciate your response on it. Thanks!