Expert feature

Hello, For some of us it will be nice to have possibility to have completely control over design and structure of files. For example, in settings add "expert" or "manual" feature, which when is activated no Bootstrap CSS or any other file will be used, instead load a Bootstrap SAS files or even use any other framework including our own. In this option we should be able to use any HTML component in design. All css classes will have to included manually. Final CSS generated (included in style file) is manually controlled.

Can you do that?

So basically you want the devs to create a custom made program that has nothing to do with being a visual Bootstrap builder?

Sounds like you need a different program. Check out Pinegrow.

And whats a point? That program supports bootstrap4, foundation, sas and so on. it would be nice that program which i have bought can do the same...

Bootstrap Studio is called BOOTSTRAP Studio for a reason. It's a program specifically for building sites easily using Bootstrap. Also, it's only $60!

Pinegrow DOES what you want, and is much more powerful in terms of supporting other frameworks and giving you the ability to import anything, but it's also three times the cost.

I don't see the point in buying a program that you KNOW doesn't do what you want, and then complaining that it should have a bunch of features that are obviously not what the developers intended the program to do.

It's like buying Adobe Photoshop and complaining that it doesn't edit videos. Well, duh! Then you should have bought Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro.

@Printninja perfectly explained, love it how nicely you roasted him.

I actually think that explains it perfectly. If you're buying a product that touts the name of a system/tool/form/etc. in the name, then it's a high probability that that is the singular system/tool/form/etc. that the product uses or enhances. Doesn't take rocket science to see that.

@Sasa: Printninja is spot on, you will need to look further elsewhere if you're looking for something that works with anything other than Bootstrap. That is the only framework that this app will most likely ever utilize. They would most likely need to create an entirely different app to encompass the other myriad of frameworks available. I personally love that it does just this one myself, but that's me.

Having said all that I would agree this app needs a more "expert" setup for those of us that are already familiar with coding by hand so that we have more control over things like the HTML itself (being able to edit it directly rather than having to always add a component to do something we could do manually in seconds). There's many things that others would also like to be able to do as well, and some of those things will be added soon from what we were told so it's growing all the time.

Yes, it works only with one framework, but that doesn't hinder the app from being one of the best semi-drag and drop apps out there!

crawls back in her corner and shuts up now