Export does not work, Linux Ubuntu matte 16.04

Bootstrap studio wont export my project files (they just dont show up in the specifed directory). I tried running BS with sudo and still wouldnt let me export my files.

Contact support. They would be the ones that would help with software or purchasing issues, the forums are mostly users helping other users learn how to use the software or working out code issues.

How we can contact support? There is not any other links and nobody respond to contact emails.

I reported bug in February, but it is not resolved yet.

Steps to reproduce: Download any Linux version from /download page and install. After install open about page, there is still version 4.0.4. It is not updated to last version 4.1.4 Auto update doesn't work too.

*Points to the link in the menu at the top of the page that says "Contact Us".

That's the only way I'm aware of contacting them other than reporting the bug directly from the app itself in the Help section. Nothing we can do for you in here, this is basically a user to user forum for the most part.