Export HTML is unviewable and missing styles

I am new to Bootstrap Studio and I bought the Lifetime version. I was hoping this is an easy tool to use. When i exported the index.html page look aweful.

When you export you should export the whole site in order to make sure everything works. Once you do that then you can just export only the pages or resources you have changed.

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“Easy” is a relative term. Bootstrap Studio has a learning curve, but it’s not especially difficult. If you read the documentation, watch the videos, and take your time, it’s not hard to build very nice websites.

If you export an HTML file and upload it to a server, you have to make sure to upload the asset folder as well, or all you will see is unstyled HTML, which will certainly look awful. How does your website look when you preview it in a browser using BSS preview function compared to your exported HTML? If they don’t look the same, you did something wrong.