I really like Bootstrap Studio, however I have one problem and it's sooo annoying. I work on a number of different websites at the same time with minor updates. Trouble is, when I close one down and open another the one, the one I just opened exports to the one just closed down, unless I reset the export options to the one I just opened. I would have thought opening a new one, would automatically export to that site's proper folder. Not so, unless I reset the export options. Forgot about it today and ended up uploading a lot of websites to the wrong domains, cost me many hours. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong ?

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong ?

It sounds like it. When you create a site, set your unique export folder and then save the site, the location of the export folder is saved with that particular site.

When you build a new site, you need to set it to a different unique export folder and then save the site.

Verify by closing both sites, then opening and checking to make sure the unique export folders are saved with each site correctly.

NOTE: If you move the folders on your computer, outside of Bootstrap Studio, then all bets are off.

Also, how are you uploading your sites? Are you using a third-party FTP program like Filezilla, or are you uploading via BSS to their hosted server?

Thanks Printninja.

Yes I am doing what you say, each site has its own unique named folder.

What happens is, that if I save site A in folder A and then open B, it will save the B site to folder A, unless I reset B export options.

I use third party FTP, Cyberduck at the moment.

You should never need to "reset" the export folder location again after it's been set once and saved. I have never encountered this issue.

You may have discovered a bug unique to your system. I am on Windows 7 using Filezilla. I have never had an issue with BSS export folder locations changing on their own. Are you sure your FTP program isn't perhaps grabbing the last folder location you uploaded from, and you're just not noticing? I have on occasion made that mistake with my own FTP program, accidentally forgetting to navigate to the proper export folder before I rushed to publish, and then realize I uploaded the wrong site to the wrong domain.

If not, you may need to contact the developers.

Thanks again Printninja.

No nothing there is the problem. I have just tested this out again with 5 sites on my computer. They are A, B, C, D & E in their own uniquely named folders.

The last one saved and exported in BS is A. When I open B, C, D, or E all those sites have the "A" export settings, which of course is wrong as they all have been individually exported to their own folders.

That's why I put it in the "Bug Reports".

Unless I am having one of my many "senior moments", I think it may be a bug.

And you're definitely clicking on Export Options, then clicking "Browse" on the Export Destination, setting your folder destination, then clicking export and then saving, and doing this each time for each site with a unique folder path for each website, correct.

Also, are you saving your websites in their own individual folders? Typically, I save each of my sites in its own folder, and then within that folder I create a subfolder called upload, and that's the destination folder for my export.

Are you using an export script?

Also, are you up to date on the version of BSS?

Well once I have clicked "browse" and set the destination to the folder I have set up, as far as I am concerned... that should be the end of it !!!

But not so.

As said previously, each site has its own unique folder, subfolders within that folder (if any) would seem to be be irrelevant.

Yes I have 4.5.8, and no I don't use an export script (whatever that is?)

Well once I have clicked “browse” and set the destination to the folder I have set up, as far as I am concerned.

And you are clicking SAVE after that, correct, before you close the window.

As far as using a subfolder for the exported files, this is simply something I do for organizational purposes. I don't believe it's necessary in order for the export folder functionality to work correctly. It's just my way of being organized. If you think about the logic, by having a separate subfolder titled "(websitename) upload", I ensure that all the files destined for the server are in that folder, and that folder only, and all the files used to build the site, including the .bsdesign file, are in the parent folder. With this method, I simply select the entire contents of the upload folder from my FTP software and drag them all at once to the server, and I don't have to worry about there being any unnecessary or unwanted files accidentally uploaded. Also, it allows me to place assets that can't be uploaded through BSS (like videos, PDFs, or certain third party folders generated by programs like nanogallery, wowslider, etc... in a place where I know they'll end up in my site's root folder.

I would think having all your website files, images, your .bsdesign file, and everything else for your site in the same folder as your exported HTML files and BSS Assets folder would get very messy and confusing.

Yes I agree, its a bit like my bedroom... "messy".

But the sites I am talking about are only 1 page simple sites at the moment, sub-folders not really required as its just the index.html file and the assets folder.

Yes I am clicking "save" then "export".

And the frustrating thing in doing that is.... it goes to the WRONG folder.

This might be related to duplicating your project file names when starting a new project. If you duplicate a project and rename it, it will keep the same index as the original project. So if you change the export in one project, it will change it in the other.

You should always open the original project and the save as a new project which will give that project a different index. Now when you change the export folder setting, it will have no effect on the original project. Drove me a little crazy till I learned this.

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OK thanks Twinsteam.

That sounds encouraging. These sites were created some time ago and I can't remember how I did it.

But I have to go to bed now (12.46 am here), and will (hopefully) have better look at it tomorrow.

Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me why I cant seem to export or save the file path for export? (see image link below) https://ibb.co/FHj2xQK Thanks in advance, Tommytee

Yes, I happened to me and I duplicated the project file from the mac browser. So I gues this must be the error. Thanks for your help.