Export Script Creation

I have a question about export scripts:

Initial situation: When I work with SaSS files in Bootstrap Studio today, a CSS file “bootstrap.compiled.css” is saved in the “assets / css” folder during export. In addition, a CSS file “bootstrap.min.css” is saved from the standard in the “assets / bootstrap / css” folder.

Goal: I want the CSS file “bootstrap.min.css” not to be exported because all this content is stored in the “bootstrap.compiled.css”.

Can such adjustments be made with an export script? If so, who can make one for me? How high is the effort and the costs?

Hiya Rumede,

Please post this in the Webdesign Help section as this forum category is for help with Bootstrap Studio app and your post is seeking assistance for things outside the app itself. Thanks and good luck!

You can reimport your bootstrap.compiled.css as a theme (rename first) and choose that for your bootstrap.min.css. Then disable your sass files so you do not duplicate (becasue they are in the theme now) and export again (preferably to a new export folder named production or something). Everything is in order now. No bootstrap.compiled.css because you disabled it and the theme is in the correct assets/bootstrap/css/ as bootstrap.min.css.

When you want to do changes again you will deselect the theme and use the default and then enable your sass again. Rinse and repeat procedure.

Yes there is a script method. I actually have my script as a html file so I can work on all the code and then it gets renamed on export to the correct extension so then my main batch file on export can call it…but its a rather advanced method I am using to change a static site into a dynamic cms site and special case usage. Works pretty slick though and did not have to go the Wordpress route and its seamless meaning I can update in Bootstrap Studio and just export and all the changes happen without overwriting anything that prevents the CMS from working.

Thanks for your Informations. How can i reimport my bootstrap.compiled.css as a theme? I don’t know de correct way. :frowning:

Taken directly from the Tutorials: