Export - settings per project

It would be nice to have export settings per project instead of global so I can export multiple projects quickly and not have to edit the export settings each time I switch between projects. If someone forgets to change the settings it also causes issues as it exports to a different projects export location.

The export settings “are” per project, not global. If that’s not doing it for you, contact support as you may have something going on there.

You do need to make sure you click the tab of the project you want to export so that that site is the open site/project. Basically the site that is focused is the site that is exported.

Yup, definitely not doing that for me - in fact it just bit me again - over the weekend I worked on a project and today I opened BSS, opened a completely different project that I have worked on before that should have a different export path and I didnt check before exporting and it exported to the other projects path. So for me at least it is saving globally not per project.

I just noticed something that might help - I converted my project from 4.6 to 5 and the export path was blank. So it might be that only BS 5 projects support project specific export paths…

No, it definitely works with versions from BS3 to current so it’s not that. Upgrading a project will remove the path, that much is working correctly I think so you do have to put it back in after upgrading, but the rest … I’d get with support on this and see if they can help figure out what the issue is.


This issue can happen if you duplicate a project in your file manager instead of using Save As in the app. You can learn more here: Export path changes to other project's destination

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