Export site in Bootstrap Studio, to WordPress template

I beg you not to condemn me.
Wordpress is responsible for about 30% of the existing websites, I see that there is still a lot of refusal in the market for HTML websites with Bootstrap.
I would like to ask the developers for an answer!
Is it possible to upgrade the system, even if it is a paid option as an additional feature, so that we have two options for exporting the sites?
One in Bootstrap HTML, as we already have, and another in a complete website template in WordPress theme?
We would have a wider reach of customers, we could build custom themes for our customers who want WordPress.
I know this can be cumbersome and even uninteresting for Bootstrap Studio developers, but for us website builders it would be relevant.
It may even be another program, but it would be ideal if projects in Bootstrap Studio could be loaded in this new program and the opposite, projects in this new program could be loaded in Bootstrap Studio.
With Bootstrap Studio I can make websites that are light and load fast when we filter the CSS and JavaScript files, having this when making a WordPress theme would be very useful, since WordPress sites have terrible loading and to improve only with paid and expensive plugins.
Well, here’s the idea, if it’s possible and done I’ll try and buy the final product of this idea.

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Personally I don’t have any problem converting a bss design to wordpress, or any other cms

I will usually do the design in bss and then convert.

If you are just getting started then I would recommend https://picostrap.com/ which is a free wordpress theme that is based on bootstrap 5. It strips out 90% of the ‘bloat’ that comes with wordpress, giving a very fast site.

Also learn how to use the functions.php feature, rather than using lots of plugins. Usually it is the expensive plugins that make wordpress slow.

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Thanks for the tips, I don’t know how to convert to WordPress, I’m going to take a PHP course to see if I can do the conversion later.

It’s actually straightforward. There are 3 well-known method to do it. Here’s a link where it’s clearly and concisely explained: Converting static html to wordpress. The first method is a bit involved, the other two are quite simple.

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Thanks, I’ll see.
The big problem is being Brazilian, English google solves it, kkkk.

I have a program that does this, but it’s very restricted in terms of models, it doesn’t give you freedom of creation.