Export site, styles missing (fixed)

hi there,

i have startet my first day with bootstrap, and created a page from scrap with the addons in bootstrap…
in bootstrap itself it looks nice, when i export all files and images are there.

when i check the page with opera, mozilla, explorer im just getting a site without styles and images…

am i missing something???


You seem to have a lot of style sheets. It could be your main styles are being overwritten by one of the other stylesheets. Try disabling the ones that are not styles.css and then enable the others one at a time.

still no images and no style, i can see the style vanish in bootstrap…


:thinking: What about in the settings - export settings? Do you have use absolute paths checked or unchecked. Mines is nearly always unchecked.

If you view your site in the browser, right click and view source are the stylesheets showing there?

under where can i find the absolute path? i have set a folder and it gets exportet to there…

somehow the css folder is missing the other css files,

how can i export them? in export if checked all


i have also uploaded the site to web, but it dont make a change…

i guess its cause its missing the css


Try unchecking absolute paths and version assets. Upload and see if that works.

ok thx,
i looks half decent now


Does it work okay now?

yes, now it looks like in bootstrap, THX


Glad you got it sorted. :+1: