Export specific page(s)

It would be useful to export selected pages instead of all of them.

I somehow missed this post as well. We really need a better forum setup :(

I used to think this too, but since we have to manually upload using other means than the app (which I hope will change in the future), it really doesn't matter if it exports 1 or 20 and all the files or only just 1 page. The export takes less than no time to do so it's not really going to save much of anything to export just 1 page or a couple pages. You just upload only those pages and that should be fine. I personally don't see much benefit in exporting only certain things anymore.

I tend to make backups of my exports if there are a lot of changes and if the changes are just in the pages or css I just let it overwrite it if it's just a few changes.

Keep it simple is what I say! :)

Glad it works for you. It doesn't for me otherwise I wouldn't have posted an enhancement request.

Almost all my pages need PHP code in them which I have to add after I export. If I'm fixing a bug in one file, I don't want to recreate the PHP code in every file, just the one that changed.

I could devise a directory structure that would help but exporting a single file is really the way to do it.

If you don't need this feature,great, just export everything ad yo've always done. It's an option not a requirement.

I'd say better interaction with additional IDE and a better preview pane is needed. When you add some js like AOS (animate on scroll) or you add some 'advanced' features like background-size: cover the preview gets messy and it becomes hard to use it. Divs collapse, other divs are invisible or in a wrong position and so on.

So i have to split the prototyping phase and initial design into BBS and then i finish my work with atom.io But i have the same issue, when i need to modify a page or a single item i don't like that everything gets saved and exported again. So that i have to rebuild all features.

I do really hope a better version will come out soon. I just bought a renew for 2 additional years for my license just to show the developer my support. Now it's his turn to build more features.

I guess maybe the issue here is that you're exporting to your working project file and overwriting your manually edited files? If you have all these changes you need to do, maybe change the location of the export file, then it won't matter what all gets exported and you can just grab the file you need and put it into the working directory.

If you're not exporting to the working directory, then I guess I'm still confused as to why it matters if it exports it all or not.

Thank you for opening this thread!

Exporting a single page wouldn't be difficult. We can call it "Export Page" and will only export he page you are looking at in the editor, to the folder you've chosen in the export options. Maybe we can add a shortcut as well. There are, however, a few details that should be worked out:

  • Should the folder path be recreated when you export? For example if the page you are exporting is within one or more folders, should these be created when you choose "Export Page", or will just a single HTML file be more useful?
  • Should the site assets be exported as well, alongside the page?

I am looking forward to your opinion on this.

@marrco could the issues you describe be caused by CSS animations? We added the feature in the last release but made animations run by default. In the next release we will put a "Play" button so you can only test them and then switch them off while you design. If you can share a .bsdesign with the problems you are seeing, it will help a lot in fixing the app.

Thanks for considering my request.

If I understand you correctly, you are asking if the folders named in the Export Options Destination should be created if they don't exist. If so, I would say follow whatever action is taken for a complete export in that regard.

I think the site assets would have to be exported in case the exported page is using new or changed assets.


@martin i just upped the .bsdesign to http://ovh.to/2u4w9k the 2 major issues are: background-size: cover that's not recognized and all divs fold. Workaround is to temporary add a min-height: 50rem inside "div#coverme.container" and disabling that attribute before exporting. all animations are mis-positioned or invisible. there's a logo on the top left (invisible) before the flip-left, three H1 mispositioned before the slide-left/right/up, and all the footer row invisible before the data-aos fade-in