Export to FTP directly (web host) and Orientation: Portrait / Landscape

This is a simple idea in the air but, we can export to a folder or publish to a BSS server, why not be able to export(publish) to a/our web host provider directly and be able to have a choice of maybe exporting only the files that have changed.


I have built my new website and I see that there is not a choice of orientation in the display top right part. There are the 4 icons going from the LG to the XS for portrait but there isn't a vision of landscape version which would be nice.

as i said, just ideas.

For your second part, the app I would assume has the media icons for the support media queries by the Bootstrap Developers http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid-media-queries

The framework devs do not take into consideration for orientation, so it makes sense the app devs decided to stick to that guide line. Not to say they couldn't add icons for it but there is no direct framework support that works with it. It would very much just act like a larger screen size unless you modify your custom CSS's media query rule to add in a check for orientation.


This pretty much covers the first part of your post Michael:


@Jo, how do you look up posts so quicky? Am I missing some sort of search funciton somewhere? Or did you just scroll to it or had it as a bookmark? :-)

Search is at the top of the forum, but to be honest, many times I find them only because I know they are there and basically what I'm looking for so I have a bit of an advantage on those types of posts. If I don't know a post is there and am looking, I just try every combination of a word or words that I can think of to describe what I'm looking for. I'm not quite as successful at those, but many times I find things I am looking for that way.

I would have to say that it would be nice if it had a more robust search feature, it is a pretty basic setup, but it works if you have an good idea of what you're looking for :)