Export to shopify

Hello all,

I've a problem when i trying to export my section to my webstore. I'm using shopify. When I export the section to my computer it look just fine: https://imgur.com/yZl2VDD But when i'm exporting to shopify it's like all the CSS is gone: https://imgur.com/GrpCRd6

What should I try to fix this problem?

Figure out how it needs to be set up for Shopify? Dunno what to tell you on this, the app isn't built to make Shopify templates so you'd need to know the exact and precise settings you have to use for all the components, exact placements etc. Also, I am going to guess that Shopify has specific setups for uploading CSS and JS etc. You need to check with Shopify on their requirements, there's really nothing we can help you with for that as the app isn't setup to export to Shopify.

Shopify uses its own framework for markup so as jo correctly points out you can’t edit in this app is set up to natively support bootstrap code.

Yes, I would get with Shopify on this: http://emeraldthemes.com/how-to-add-bootstrap-to-a-shopify-theme/

Proceed at your own risk, ymmv.