Export to ZIP


It would be nice if we can export the HTML and Assets to a zip file directly. It would make the deployment easier on some host and give us a backup version. Also, as a bonus if the zip name could include the date and time...

Thank you for the suggestion! This is a very specific requirement that I think would be better served by an Export script. If you are on Mac/Linux, this can be done with a bash script like the following:

cd $1/../
zip -r "website ($(date +"%F %R")).zip" $1

On Linux this would create a zip file like website (2018-04-17 13:42).zip one folder above your export destination. Note that I have used the format flags for the Linux version of date. For Mac OS you will need to look up the appropriate flags with man date.

Also export - then right click and zip files which is very easy ?