Exported pages, images, stylesheets and scripts persistent in export folder

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When exporting a project in Bootstrap Studio; pages, images, stylesheets and scripts are still in the export folder even though they have been removed from the project.


I create a new project in Bootstrap Studio.

The only files within Bootstrap Studio are index.html and styles.css.

I export this and the only files within the export folder are the aforementioned.

I create a new page “page2.html”.

I export this and the files within the export folder are the aforementioned and “page2.html”.

I delete “page2.html” from the project and export again.

However, now, “page2.html” is still within the export folder, even though it was removed from the project completely.

I believe this is a bug within the software because if a file no longer exists within the project, then it should be removed from the export folder, unless this is a feature of the software (?).

This would save the headache of having to go into the export folder manually and removing it, especially when using an export script to upload websites to GitHub, or if you have a lot of assets that you have removed.

I am using the export script from the Exporting to GitHub Pages | Bootstrap Studio docs.

I don’t want to remove everything within the folder because my .git folder is within the export folder. Which I tried making a custom export script to remove everything besides that folder and it was unsuccessful.

Any help with this would be appreciated. :smiley:

I would imagine this is by design. Most people who are self-hosting probably export to a local folder on their computer, and you never want software deleting files off your computer.

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This topic has arisen a few times in the past. Bootstrap Studio does not remove files from your export folder, because it will lead to lost work. You can achieve this with an export script. Learn more here.

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Thank you @martin and @printninja.

I was at work when I saw the replies, and I appreciate it.