Exporting Changed Pages Only

Exporting just site changed pages would be great.

If BTS is already aware of updated pages and associated assets during export, then this idea can be ignored . :)


I am using Bootstrap Studio for development, FileZilla for ftp upload. It appears that when Bootstrap Studio exports the site after editing it deletes all the site files and rewrites all them to the local folder, even if only only one file was modified. This means all the files, html, css, js, img, carry a new date/time stamp.

When I go to FileZilla and select the entire site for upload, all the files get uploaded and it takes a long time. I would like to shorten the upload time.

In FileZilla I cannot use "Overwrite if source file newer" to only upload the files that were modified because they all carry a new date/time stamp.

In FileZilla I can use "Overwrite file if size differs" as a proxy for changed files to upload only the modified files. This mostly works. However, if I make a change that results in the same file size, like changing a css value from 20px to 15px, the file will not be uploaded.

Is there a solution I am missing? What do other developers do?

Is it possible to export the files with more accurate create and modify dates?


-Terry Joyce

If all you have updated is your css file the. Just upload that to file zilla - if you haven't changed lots of files then why would you re upload whole export folder? That's what I do and works fine for me whe I am logged into file zilla.

I value BTS because it takes care of the details. All of the code it produces we could code by hand, but then we would have to keep track of every id, every collapse, every quotation mark. BTS make our lives easier and coding more productive.

I am typically changing both the index.htm and a css file. To do that I first upload the index file, then I double click the assets folder in the right-hand FZ panel, then double click the css folder, then double click the assets folder in the left-hand FZ panel, then double click the css folder, then select the css file, right click, then upload. All doable, but a lot to keep track of.

IMHO it would be an improvement if BTS exported all file but maintained the correct modified and created dates.