Exporting issuse?

Hello I am having some problems with my site. Whenever i try to export it, I don't get what I am looking for as it appears all the css doesn't come along with it. I have tried taking out indiviually all the css and adding it into the header of each page as a <link> however despite this I am having no luck.

Any ideas to get it to fully export and properly or something? Has this happened to anyone else?


Regards, Alister.

Hi Alister,

I found the same issue, my work was to preview the project in Firefox than do a save as and save the complete website. This will give you all the CSS, JS and image files. You will need to tweak the HTML file by removing the IP address that will show up in all of the links. And you'll need to rem out the auto refresh JS near the bottom of your page. Once you go through this your website should be good to go.

Be well.