Exporting of files

Hi, I am new to BS Studio. I loaded up the Greyscale Theme and exported to see what I get. I did not select the option to receive css and js min versions, but that is what I got.

How do I ensure I get a non-min version?

The theme Greyscale is already minified and is locked since its a template. If you really need to export the unminified Greyscale then you would have to export the Greyscale first like you have. Use a online editior to unminify the bootstrap.css file and save it as something like greyscaleunminified.css.

Then you will have to recreate the Greyscale project in a new project which is not hard because its only one page. After you have copied the html, js, images and dont forget the body attributes, you can import your unminifed greyscaleunminified.css in the settings as a new theme. Then choose that theme under Design > Bootstrap in the settings.

Now you have a theme that will export unminified.


You could simply unminify the css and js files afterward using an unminifier command line tool from an export script. For example, you have jsbeautifier · PyPI which is a, I quote, “JavaScript unobfuscator and beautifier”. Just enter “command line tool to unminify js and css” without quotes in Gogol…

You can do it online for free…

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