Exporting or syncing themes

At home, I've imported a bootstrap theme and gotten to work with a design. When opening the same .bsdesign at work, the theme is not included in my file. And I can't seem to find the import at home to extract and add to my work environment. Aren't those supposed to be stored within the .bsdesign file or something. Since I don't have the theme css available anymore, I'm not sure how I can proceed to work on this project from any other computer than the one where I originally imported the theme.

Any suggestions on how to go about this? And if there's nothing to be done, perhaps that's a good future feature?

Anything you add is in there as long as you saved before you quit. My guess is you grabbed the wrong file when you went to work. check at home and see if everything is in the file there when you open the project. If it is, find the project files and then close any projects you have open. Now double click the file project you "think" it is and see if it's the right one. If it is, then take a copy of that file to work and check it next time. If not, then you haven't found the correct location of your working project files that BSS is using.

All things imported are included in the project file so if you have the right one, anything you imported will be in it.

I'll give it another try, but no I'm not using the wrong file. Since I'm storing it all in Dropbox, on two computers that are always on, everything is continuously synced. And changes I've made to the project at home, after importing the theme, are represented at work, only without the theme. Which means, something isn't working properly (if it's supposed to function as you say).

Hmm, I would try not putting them in dropbox and see if that fixes it as well. Could be that Dropbox is not updating correctly.

I personally don't tend to keep working files in a cloud service. I make shortcuts to the files so I can get them fast and then drop them in the cloud service when I'm done s that the most recent copy is always available yet the upload service of the cloud service won't mess up the files on me while I'm working on them.

I say this only because I've had issues with a couple other programs that I was having my working files saved to Dropbox and what it did was it uploaded every time I saved and eventually corrupted the file because I save a lot and sometimes I save faster than their upload service is so it would be uploading while I was saving. I use ctrl+s a lot in most programs lol.

So ... the moral of the story is, try not using Dropbox as the save location and see if that helps.

Yes, I will. But it's highly unlikely to be the issue.

  1. Import theme at home, saves
  2. Opens at work, theme not there
  3. Makes changes to the document (navbar, jumbotron, sections etc) at home, saves
  4. Opens at work, I see all changes (navbar, jumbotron, sections etc), but no theme.

So the document has been synced, but the theme has not.

Ok let's go back to the theme then. Did you import this theme into a project or how are you trying to use a theme? This may be a bug with the new release just a few days ago so let's make sure first and see if we need to report this as such.

Started BS, created new document > blank page, then settings > manage themes > import theme, then I loaded a bootstap theme css-file (which I no longer have access to).

Ok I'll bite, why don't you have access to the theme file anymore? Where did it come from?

I'm still going back to the situation that the you're not opening the same file at home as you are at work.

Double check your save settings and be sure of exactly where BSS is saving your project files. I'm still thinking there are 2 copies of this project around and you're grabbing the wrong one. It's just not possible for you to have files saved in a project and not be there when you open it somewhere else. A project is a project, never heard of this ever happening, never had it happen, so I'm still going to assume that somehow you are not opening the right file. Maybe you "think" that BSS is saving to that location on Dropbox and instead it's saving somewhere else. Double check that.

If after that you feel that there is still something wrong, because you cannot find any other place it's saving to, I would contact Support points to Contact Us on the top right menu of the site and see if they can be of further assistance.

are both computers running windows?

I really appreciate that you're trying to help me, but I feel we're stuck on the wrong thing. I know where I keep my files, it's not another project. Just to prove that there are no duplicate files that I'm working with, I accessed my home computer remotely, opened the project, inserted a paragraph, wrote "hello bootstrap studio forum", saved and closed, waited for dropbox to sync, and open it on my work computer. The project had the paragraph with the text, so it's obviously the same project. But theme is still missing.

CSS what's generated with a bootstrap customizer just to try it out, and was deleted after I had imported it. It's proven very useful so it went from a test to something that I actually worked with.

Both computers are Macs, running latest OS and BS.

Interesting. I don't have access to another Mac machine other than my main one so I'm unable to test this situation and would really love to!

Can you upload your project and share a link for us to test it and tell us what we "should" see versus what you "are" seeing when you are on both computers? We can at least try testing the sharing of files that way.

In fact, why not try this as well?

If you have a place to upload that is: Create 2 folders. Upload the one you have at home to one folder (call it home-project or something) and then at work, upload the file you have there to the other folder (call it work-project...) and then share a link for us to both.

Tell us what should be in each file and/or share some screenshots of what it looks like in both places so we can see if it does it differently between the computers or if it's a DropBox thing.

In the meantime I would suggest to grab a flash drive and copy your project to it while at home. Then copy that file to your work computer and open it on the computer not the flash drive. See if it is still the same issue or if it works as it should that way. That would rule out Dropbox or rule it as the issue I believe.

Both computers are Macs, running latest OS and BS.

ok, no idea here. I think someone had problems when importing into a linux computer. I have no mac here, so i can't test.

When you remote to the Home PC, and you load BSS app does the project look right?

If it does then the themes are loaded in the app and not the project. The project is probably only storing which theme you chose.

When remotely connected to the Home PC

  1. load BSS app load your working project
  2. set export options to a folder on the desktop
  3. export the project
  4. open the desktop folder and find the CSS that contains your theme
  5. drop it in the Dropbox
  6. Work PC import that theme

Maybe that will get your Work PC with the theme, just make sure that you take note of the working version Theme name in the Settings and make sure that the Work PC will get the same Theme name when you import it.

It seems that the Preview doesn't contain the theme CSS, at least it wasn't for me but the export seemed to supply it.



Home:<br> http://jezper.se/bs/home/RG11.bsdesign<br> http://jezper.se/bs/home/home-screenshot.png

Work:<br> http://jezper.se/bs/work/RG11.bsdesign<br> http://jezper.se/bs/work/home-screenshot.png

@saj I will try this, but that seems like the reasonable explanation, that themes are an app thing, not a project thing. Ofcourse, if I'd imported the theme as a regular CSS file for basic overriding, I wouldn't have this issue.

thanks Jezper,

Try what Saj is suggesting and let us know if that works. If not then I will defnitely download your files and see if they show the same results here. I think Saj is right though.

Doesn't make sense to me though that a theme setup wouldn't add the files to your project and would only be an app internal thing. A flaw in the process maybe? If that does end up being the case Jezper, I truly would put a suggestion on the forums in the Idea forum about making the app install the theme files when a theme is chosen so that it puts them in the project. Hope it works for you though that would solve that issue for now!

I just wanted to state that my testing only involved the currently available themes I didn't import a theme myself because I don't have one. :)


Ya I don't have one either, nor do I have any clue where you would get one lol. I haven't even played with that theme setup at all so I guess maybe I'll work with that some when I get a lull here waiting on the client lol.