Exporting problems

I’m having problems finding an export script that will change all the internal references in pages from a HTML to a PHP extension as well as the actual file extensions themselves. Can anyone give me any pointers? I’m working in a windows environment.

I’ve search through the forums and can only see very simplistic scripts for changing the file extension which alone will just break any website without the internal references in the html being updated.

I’m actually really surprised this isn’t a core function of BSS as its pretty obvious such a thing would be needed as all but the most basic websites have some sort of dynamic elements in them. After all, its not about for BSS to be able to run the scripts but just having a place holder for the code and being able to use a different extension when exported so it can be tested elsewhere. Hardly rocket science, surely.

Yes please that would be really useful. I’m happy to help test it of course. Do you wish me to email you?

You may want to post your message in Wallabri’s Thread as your reply may not get read here :slightly_smiling_face:

It doesn’t matter. I changed the server to process HTML pages as PHP but its just ridiculous we have to do this in the first place.

Yes, that would be great.

On Windows, you can use Batch and Gsar for this. Nothing has changed in the last 15 or 20 years (or more).

The Batch looks like this:

move index.html index.php
gsar -o -s.html -r.php *.php

And this can all be done automatically after exporting from BSS.

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Of course there are other solutions, but I operate on Windows, Linux & Mac and now have the same utility for all 3 platforms.

It’s useful for me and I thought maybe for others. And I’m happy to take suggestions for new features.