Exporting the components and code as React JS

I use the program on a daily basis in my work, and I have previously suggested providing an external plugins feature. I have some features that I would like to add, and one of the most important ones is exporting code and components to React Js, React Native, or any other framework.

I am willing to provide this feature for free, just because I really love this program to a crazy extent.

Thank you.

No, this doesnt makes sense and bss wasnt structured to provide such a feature and it wouldnt be used at all. If you need react ide use codux :slight_smile:

I have already started developing the plugin, and it suits my needs very well. I will publish it as soon as I finish.

I will need some simple add-ons for the BBS to work properly, but I am currently working on it without needing any modifications. :wink:


I’ve tried something similiar, for vue and svelte…

export handler(windows batch script)
webserver(xampp to run php script)
converter script(php script)
node build(vite)

so upon export bootstrap studio can trigger export script(.bat in windows case), and I have this .bat to trigger my php script that run on xampp, and convert in a way it can be read by vite as valid svelte/vue script, and somecase watch it for real time change(in this case I don’t really need to use .bat file, instead using vite lifecycle hook to detect change), …

at this rate, I don’t really use it because lack of intellisense supported and path detection(import and things)(as bootstrap studio ways on opening things on temp bricks all path detections),
but it’s working as theory… so yeah… I would imagine there’s definitely workaround for react too…

but unless writing the script this way going to help with the production speed and validations, I’m not gonna really use it at this rate…
but yeah it’s fun concept if we can make it run smooth workflow…

I forgot yesterday I found out about sveltkit @adapter-static
I think that would really make good one build(instead of using vite my previous build case)

perhaps in case of react you might wanted to see if there any build options that can really works well for your workflow(and/or to handle future possible problem)