Extra white space in project background - how to adjust it?

Hello, I have extra white space in the background and was wondering if someone could guide me to adjust it. (I'm new to Bootstrap Studio) Here's a screenshot of the project I have right now: https://pasteboard.co/J59qpZq.jpg My monitor resolution is 1440 x 900 and when the project is opened in browser I only get a small white space on the right. However for my teammates, they much wider monitors and it is displayed with a much larger white space. In the CSS body tag I have a no-repeat for background (the background pattern was continuously repeated before) and also background-size is set to 1200px. I thought that Bootstrap Projects will adapt to different screen resolutions. Is that something I need to do manually? Thanks

@biu334, the fact that you stated a size "limit" of 1200px is why. You have to set it to cover or contain. That is how it fits in all screen sizes. https://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/b/background-size/#article-header-id-0


Why even use a background image for that? A CSS gradient would be a far better solution.