Facebook Embed ... not working

I just tried adding a Facebook Embed component from the Misc components list and it doesn't seem to have enough settings I'm thinking. I'm pretty sure you have to have some type of token code or something like that in order to have your Facebook messages show on your website, but there's nothing there for it. I've tried several Facebook links and all I get is "This Facebook post is no longer available ....." and it never connects to any of them. Pretty sure it's because it's missing some settings somewhere, (or I am lol).

Pretty sure the same thing is happening with the Like button setup as well. I could be totally missing what needs to be done so I apologize if there's more to this than what is stated in the app. Just setting up the settings in the app itself doesn't work though for either one. The Like button just doesn't show up at all in the browser preview and just "sort of" has info in the BSS app, but not readable as the text is black and my background is dark charcoal colored lol. Still working on it, but wanted to get this in here so I wouldn't forget.

P.S. Also, there don't seem to be settings for various screen sizes for these so they do seem to break the responsiveness of the page.

The facebook post you try to embed must be shared as public. if it is shared with only friends you get that message from facebook

Ahhh ok that explains the Post one, hmm I thought it was a feed not a post, but ok. Also, her facebook posts are all public, but I can't work out how to get a link even to a specific post, only to the facebook page itself lol.

Now just need to know about why the Like button doesn't work either.

If you go to the post on facebook you want to embed click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post. That will open a menu choose embed that will take you to facebook's embed posts page just copy the link on that page

Cool, thanks much for your assistance :)

The like button will be blocked if you have an adblocker installed in your browser.