Feature: CDN Support / Replace URL Paths

Hey guys, here's a good one: CDN support!

It's very simple. Any link you have to a resource is simply replaced with a CDN resource at export.

Example: An image Becomes

Right now I do a manual search and replace after code export with Notepad++. This feature as an export setting would be FANTASTIC.

www.AutoProFinancial.com for reference :)

Thank you for the suggestion!

Our forum stripped the HTML that you have included, but I think I get your idea. I think that maybe this would be better done by an external script that you run whenever you wish to deploy your website. Here is a grunt plugin that does this.

Too bad I don't know what Grunt is...

But yeah, that's exactly what I would like. It would be cool if you guys could have an Export menu with CDN settings, then run this Grunt script against the files. :)

Still not a big deal, I only have about 8 pages tops.