Feature request after using Bootstrap Studio

Feature requests:

  1. Quick way of resetting all the attributes of the elements from the Overview panel
    In the overview panel when an item is selected, add another context menu item called “Reset attributes”. Under this menu item add two sub items:
  • Current element - resets all the attributes of the currently selected node
  • All child elements - resets all the attributes of all nested children below the currently selected
  1. Detailed explanation for every setting under Appearance, Options and Animation panels. For a newcomer this would be priceless, because this will reduce significantly the number of switches between the bootstrapstudio and bootstrap documentation.
  • Add a tool-tip with a detailed explanation for each setting on the right panels Appearance, Options and Animation

My two cents.


There isn’t even a comprehensive user guide for this software. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any of these ideas to be implemented (even though they would be helpful to beginners.) Documentation is low on the dev’s priority list.

I’ve had this program for over 2 years, and just learned the other day that you can delete custom simulated devices, but not from the drop-down menu where you can create them. It’s only possible from the top menu Settings >Devices location.

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