Feature Request: Cloud Sync

Hi Developers,

Please consider creating this feature. In a team environment, maintaining a library of components is a crazy thing to do. If we could sync it to the cloud instantly, it will be more convenient. Not only for teams, but also for individuals that has multiple workstations.

What about putting your BSS files on Dropbox? I plan to do this with my team.

Thank you for the suggestion! Having your components and designs synchronize between computers and team mates will certainly be convenient. Once we have the basic functionality in place (and we are close) we will work on improving the workflow for teams. Syncing components will be one of the first things that we implement.

Hi Solace, thanks for suggesting that. But my main concern is to have it seamlessly into the app. Having it in a cloud server would be a good idea, but installing each would take time.

Hi Martin, good to hear that your making this as one of your priority feature. You guys are really great.