Fedora Install

Excited to use this software, but I'm having trouble installing on Fedora. I think this may be due to my unfamiliarity of Fedora (i usually use ubunutu). I cannot figure out how to install this via terminal or otherwise. I searched the forum, but could not find anything related. All your help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hello and welcome to the forums!

We don't support Fedora or Red Hat officially, but a lot of people run Bootstrap Studio there without an issue. You just have to get the tar.gz package of Bootstrap Studio from the download site and extract it. The .deb packages won't work under Fedora.

Once you have it extracted, just double click the executable to run the app.

to install BS on fedora... 1. download the program with final .tar.gz -> B(64bit).tar.gz 2. access the directory Download from your user -> $ cd /home/user_name/Downloads/ 3. now, unpack the Bootstrap file directly in /opt/ -> $ sudo tar xfz B(64bit).tar.gz -C /opt/ 4. finally, enter the respective directory using $ cd /opt/Bootstrap\ /Studio/ and run program with command $./Bootstrap Studio

if you prefer, create a shortcut to the ./Bootstrap Studio command, otherwise, you will always have to access the program folder at /opt/Boo.../ to access the program.

I hope I've helped.