Few bugs in latest update (and last update)

MacOS Monterey on a Mac Mini with M1 and the apple silicon version of BSS.

  1. When a Modal window is open in BSS, every change to it makes it pop back to the top of the Modal content. I have a fairly long content modal (text and a handful of small images) so this ends up making me scroll back down every time I change something. Needless to say it’s a bit frustrating when you’re working at the bottom …
    NOTE: This was present in the previous version as well.

  2. Thanks for the new M1 update, that fixed the scrolling of the attributes window for me.

  3. Things are still lagging here and there quite a bit.

I’ll post again here if I find more. Thanks so much for the update though, I’m loving all the new stuff!

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Thank you for the report! We are investigating these issues and will have an update ready later this week.

I am now using Bootstrap Studio 6.3.0.

Have not tried everything but the Custom Publish is not working but Publish works fine. If I let the Custom Publish open, all fields are filled out within 15 seconds or so as before the update to 6.3.0. When I click on None, the circle spins and spins and after 2 minutes it is still spinning. If I close the Custom Publish and reopen it, all the fields are empty within 15 seconds. Then I click on a field I want to publish (in my case the donate.html field). The same problem happens, the circle keeps spinning and does not end. So, I close the Custom Publish and reopen it, now the donate.html field is selected within 15 seconds. But the Publish button is greyed out so I wasted a lot of time to do nothing.

I use this function just about daily, so now that it does not work, it makes things difficult for me. I now have to Publish everything (a waste of time) or use the Export function and upload the changes using a FTP program.

I also submitted a bug report by email for this problem.

Other than that, I am loving the new image Optimization update. That is a real time saver and allows me to just use Bootstrap Studio without the need for an extra program. Thanks for this function.

I’m finding things very slow, not to bad on a simple page, but add a scss file (80 lines of code) and it grinds to a halt. Also editing anything css/scss in VSC doesn’t always update the preview in the browser.

Thanks Martin. Custom Publish works again. No problems with it anymore. You fixed it in one day!

As I mentioned in the email to you -

You and your team are always updating the program, answering forum questions, fixing bugs, putting new features into the program. Thanks for one of the best software programs that I use.

Thanks here too @Martin ! I worked with it just a little bit after the update and so far the slowness seems to be better. I’ll know more when I’m on it for a longer period and can be sure.

Thanks also for fixing the jumping back to the top in editing Modal windows! Man that was annoying lol, but looks like it’s staying put now. Kudos as always!