File Structure within BSS to reflect export structure

Trying to understand a major thing about how things are structured and I cannot find a single reason why it's setup this way so I'll post it here as to my thoughts on it. I've just gotten done revamping a theme for someone that wanted to import an entire site and use BSS (not sure why, but that's up to them and they couldn't figure out how to make it work). After having to explain to them and many others over the past year and a half or so, why they had to rename things for this that and the other, then rename them again because of how it will be structured after export my question is this ....

Why doesn’t the app reflect the actual file structure that will be used upon export? It would be a whole lot simpler if the structure within mimicked the structure on export. If we were coding it manually there would never be this issue of difference between how it is within the app and how it is after export. It would always be the same, and it should be now too.

I really hope someone will give this some serious consideration. The file structure in the app acts as if it's looking for files directly in the root, yet that is not the case. When we add an image to a Custom Code block, and let's face it, we all use them quite extensively as we have to for so many things, we have to alter that constantly to keep the file paths how they will be on export. This means we cannot see the items within the previews, and that's really wrong.

Please fix this so that the structure is the same as export so that no matter how we do things we put the paths in as they would be at export and we will still see them if using Custom Code blocks. Fix the tree's in the Design section to show it that way, that will help everyone know exactly how it will be on export, and there will be none of this confusion as there is now for people working with Custom Code blocks.


phew! tried for days to get this to post, had to reword half of it to make the forums accept it. This is one of the posts I was talking about that just "disappeared" from view, yet I couldn't post it again because the forum kept telling me it was a duplicate and I had already said this.