Filterable Cards plugin - JS loading time

Hi all! Anyone been able to config the Filterable cards plugin? I've it on two webpages. one with 5 cards and one with 30+ cards. The one with 5 cards loads fast enough. *minor problem - When filtering it is able to scroll past the footer a little bit, but when selecting a few others it doesn't occur anymore.

However with the 30+ cards it scrolls past the footer as if it was set to all or even further.. Loading time is very long and no spinner indicator is shown. Also when scrolling when it is loading it doesn't show you the items only when scrolling up to the top again they will appear or you need to refresh the page. I'm not a tech guru so a little help. If the page is needed for reference i can upload it on a bootstrap server.


Is that a default Component or something from the Online Components? I don't recall any Filterable Cards component in the default ones, and if it's online then that would be something you would have to contact the author about, not something that BSS is in control of. In other words, the online components are not policed so we have to police them ourselves.

Looks like an Online Library component, and in the description that is given under the component when it's placed on a page, there is a link to (presumably) the creator's website with instructions on using the component. Perhaps this will help you?

All - Thank you for your replies.It is indeed an online component. I've tried to contact the owner about this but no reply. Will check for other ways! thank you

Have a look at Isotop.

Easy to setup here is an example