Firebase (Google backed) hosting support

Firebase ( is also an excellent free static hosting, that even includes free SSL certificate and has custom domain support. And resources are served over own Google cdn, so it's really fast too.

If BSS could directly PUBLISH websites to Google Firebase that could be really a great feature, and a fantastic selling point.

I know there are a few more (github pages, gitlab pages, netlify etc) free static hosting, but atm i think Firebase is the only one offering so much. And it's really easy to configure and deploy a website, so maybe it's not too difficult to add support to BSS.

I know a script can be run after export, but a few preconfigured scripts (s/ftp, upload to Firebase, upload to github pages, run a specific program...) specific for 'publish' could be a valuable resource, especially for new BSS owners.

I love this software, but many features are not intuitive for newbies. So better publish options (including free hosting support) can help make BSS more user friendly.

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That's cool bro. I'll check it out.

This would be pretty cool. What's also nice is that you could technically then use Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage etc. Maybe not a good idea for a large app, but definitely something you could utilise if needing some backend power & data storage (use client-side JS to GET/POST etc.)

privacy rant deleted -- need I say more?

I have 5 free website slots and 10 free email slots from BSS. I'd gladly spend another $60 and have more if I needed them.

But I run a Windows 2016 IIS Server, which is great for accessing anything PC-based remotely via Android. Anything 'cloud-based' [subscription(s)] I already have with just a standard license and without having to pay a monthly fee to a software vendor.

And I also have a cheap Linux box with cPanel (that I also use for email) that I again access mainly from my Android. I can run an unlimited number of sites on either of these boxes.

I don't see the big draw. And I certainly don't want to hand over any privacy of my customers and clients. Not everything that looks free IS free... there's a reason. It's bad enough that everyone is starting to use Google captcha.

I might add that Google-Play etc. is disabled on my phone and I side-load all apps. While a phone is something I might find hard to live without... all these intrusive companies, well 'nuf said!

You won't find me on FB, etc. ttyl. :) p.s. I think it's a really bad idea.

I would also love the ability to work directly with Firebase. The projects I have in mind would benefit.

What I'm doing now is configuring the export tool to export directly to a "public" folder and then I just open the console and do a "firebase deploy". But it would be really nice to have a "publish to Firebase" inside Bootstrap.

Edit: this can be easily done by creating a bootstrap-after-export-script.bat file with this content:

cd %1
firebase deploy  

and assigning it as a export script on settings<br /> (it may need a cd G:/ or cd J:/ before cd %1 if it's in other partition)

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