Fixed column width in Pixels on all devices

I’m trying to create a design where I need only one column with 300 pixels width, that must be displayed with the same width on all devices.
That means that I will have 3 columns, where the first and last will adapt to the screen width, but the center column must have 300 px ever.
How can I do that?
Thanks in advance.

Add a class to the column in the attributes panel (Something like w-300) then create the class w-300 in the styles panel with a width of 300px.

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Thanks floydmanfloyd.
I’ll will study how to do that. I never needed to create a class in BSS. That’s new for me. But now I have a reason to create one.

No problem. Once you create the class w-300 in the styles panel you can use it on other things to make them 300px wide if needed. Just add w-300 to whatever you want in the attributes panel, for example an image and it will be 300px wide.