Hello Guys,

is someone using Flask-Bootstrap with Bootstrap Studio and has a good workflow?

I basicly search a way, how I can smart build websites with Bootstrap Studio for Flask applications/websites. Flask is a microframework which is a python-webserver.

I think I need this to work with Bootstrap Studio (https://pypi.org/project/Flask-Bootstrap4/) and I have to create some custom components.


Ok I don't need Flask-Bootstrap4 in the first place... I can use the normal one, too. But without Jinja2 Support, I still search for a good workflow :)

Hello !

I'm using Flask & Bootstrap, but i don't see why to use the Flask-Bootstrap module, as it is mainly a Blueprint. You can include by yourself what you need to create your Bootstrap page, choose the CDN you want or host the needed BS file in the 'static' directory.

For now, my workflow is not perfect, as lots of Jinja parts are not HTML renderable, so it will break the rendering (all of the {% for ... %}{% endfor %} etc). So i create the page, after the export, i need to edit it with Brackets to add or replace what i need. Then, if i need to make changes, i'm using Brackets and BSS in parallel, using right-clic --> copy code to HTML, then paste and modify it when needed.

With a good process, you can then fully validate the template with your client with a BSS export, and after (and only after), you can convert it to jinja template (and this is fastely done with Brackets)

What's your workflow ?