Flexbox Settings?

Is there any tutorials or cheatsheets available for the various settings for the "Flexbox" Options? It would be helpful for an explanation of what the separate parameters actually do, or what function they perform. Thanks in advance for pointing us to any resources.

You can find lots of tutorials online about Flexbox by doing a simple Google search. There's some pretty good ones out there that should help a lot. BSS is not the creator of Flexbox, just a utilizer of it, but a search should find you some good places to learn more on it.

Thanks. After posting the request, looked at the app and decided that we don't need a flex box for any of the content. But, for educational purposes, will do some searching and reading on how that all works. Appreciate the suggestion.

This is a site I used a lot early on when trying to figure out flexbox http://the-echoplex.net/flexyboxes/


Slick site Saj, thanks for sharing that.

@herb200mph: You would be suprised how nicely flexbox can help for lots of things on your site. I'd suggest learning some about it before building even as that way if you're using Bootstrap Studio's Bootstrap 4 setup, it will be automatic in many areas of your site for you, as well as available to use for lots of areas. It does make things a whole lot easier to manage positioning and spacing for sure.

This tutorial is great:


Thanks Steve, will be looking at the flex stuff to see if we can use, or even need it. We have a 165 file progressive web app deployed, starting with BSS and moving outward from there. However, we have tons more projects in the que that our clients want to experiment with, so likely will need it before long. Thanks again.