Floating back to top button

Hi, does anyone know a way to get a floating back to top button in Bootstrap Studio? This seems to have become a very popular method of getting back to the top of page when viewing long page content.

Hi if you search the online components when you are in the app and type “back to top” you should find one you can use ?

You can then drag it to the bottom of your design - I shared a simple component so I know it’s there

I tried this but got a search result message " no online components found". Could this feature been removed in BS v4 ?


Search for "Scroll to top" in the online components. That's the one I use. It works in Bootstrap 3 and 4.

I tried your suggestion and was very happy to find that it works great! This has made life a lot easier. Thanks for your help with this problem Phill

You are welcome. Glad to be able to help.