Floating Panel Stay On Top

Hi there. I'm liking all the new improvements. I'd like to see the detachable html/css panel to have a stay on top button and also a hide option to hide either the html or css side of the panel so it can be dragged to a minmal size. Alternativaly, to be able to detach html or css as a panel on it's own with a stay on top option. Thanks


+1 I like the idea of being able to lock it on top (preferably a check box or button toggle right on the window rather than an options setting), and I like the idea of seperate panel windows for the HTML and CSS too. You can already drag the middle bar of the 2 windows to resize one or the other though in case you weren't aware of that, which helps a lot when you're trying to view some horribly long HTML code.

Hi Jo. I do usually drag the seperator so i can see more css than html then drag the right panel side in to take up as little space as needed. I also drag the whole panel so that half it's off screen but it's a bit of a pain that it dooesn't stay on top. A radio button would be ideal for toggling the html or css, maybe even one for the stay on top as well.

Hmm, I haven't done a lot of work on a Windows machine in quite some time, but there used to be some Windows plugins/extensions/apps that you could install that would do things like add "stay on top", "minimize to tray", and many other options. Wonder if there's anything that can do that at this time? Been at least 6 years+ since I've been on Windows other than gaming, but it might be something to look into at least until something can hopefully be added to the app.

Well when the detached panel is on another monitor, I wouldn't want it to be "locked" on top of all the other windows I might have open on that monitor. It should simply obey the rules of Windows in general. If I bring the BSS program to the "top" on my main monitor, I would expect the detached panel to also come to the top on my other monitor. But I still want the ability to be able to bring other windows above the detached panel should the need arise.

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I’ve only got one monitor so I just thought I’d give this a try again. I’d like to see the detachable html/css panel to have a stay on top button and also a hide option to hide either the html or css side of the panel so it can be dragged to a minmal size. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

+1 now that we have the detachable editor, it would really be nice if it stopped disappearing completely when I take focus off of BSS. At the worst it should at least stay open on the screen(s) we put it on and just end up “behind” what we have changed our focus too. But, it would be great to have a toggle to stay on top when we want it to. Preferably I’d love it to be on the window itself so it was quick to get to rather than in the settings.

I also would love to see the ability to separate the editor windows as @floydmanfloyd has requested.

BSS devs should look at how Adobe’s software handles their detachable palates, and their placement on other monitors. They follow the main program’s focus (meaning, if you bring Photoshop to the foreground on your main monitor, any detached panels on other monitors also come to the foreground on that monitor.) Same with pushing them to the background, minimizing, etc.

And Adobe uses “workspaces” that are remembered from program launch to program launch. You can have multiple workspaces, and there’s no need to re-setup the size and location of the detached panels every time you run the software. Even Pinegrow does this.

Every time I launch BSS, I have to detach the Styles panel, place it on my other monitor, stretch it out to the size I want, pull up the ATTRIBUTES pane. It’s quite tedious. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the fact that the devs added this feature. It’s a HUGE improvement over what we had before, but with just a little bit of tweaking, it would be perfect.

+1 from me this will be great feature

A few notes:

  • Stay on top is usually controlled by the operating system. On Linux you can right click any window and enable “Always on Top” for it. There are likely apps for Windows and Mac that let you do the same.
  • Photoshop and others apps are built with a multi window architecture, which is not currently possible with Electron. I hope that such support arrives eventually. Until then, starting independent windows with their own stacking order is the only way to have a detached editor panel.
  • Persisting the detached state and position of the Editor panel is coming in our next updates. Should be ready soon.
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Thanks @martin that’s a good start and hopefully Electron will get updated sometime soon to allow the rest. :slight_smile:

Thank you @martin. You and the other Bootstrap Studio developers always go above and beyond for your users, and it’s greatly appreciated.

Got a small program for the stay on top which does the job. Deskpins :+1:

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Thanks for the tip @floydmanfloyd. I just downloaded it. Will try installing and configuring this week.

Fyi, in the same vein as keeping windows on top, this is a great little freeware Windows utility for closing windows or alerts, etc. It’s in a mixture of German and English, and can be a little tricky to configure, but it’s saved me so much aggravation with programs that create useless alerts that I don’t need to see. You can no longer download it from the author’s website, but it’s still available on some public domain software sites.