Focus as Component / Theme editor

We do have our own section based cms. We are searching for a better design workflow and library of our sections. Components seemed to be what we are looking for. After watching some of your videos and trying out a few things here is my feedback.

1.) Import custom components

Folder creation is a great way to organize components. Exporting such nested components seems to work. Import everything or a part of it is not possible. Every component has to be imported one by one and the folders need to be created manually.

2.) Clear some class names

As an example: for each breakpoint “column size” sets a bootstrap class name (eg col-md-4). I don’t find a way to clear this class name afterwards. Same for column position. I guess this happens for other actions as well. Having clean reusable code is essential. As we cannot edit html directly without “destroying” bootstrap studio behaviour (see next point) clearing locked class names is missing.

3.) Convert custom html to component

Having editable html code sounds good but as it looses all bootstrap studio functionality makes it much less attractive. The same happens when code is converted to html. As the bootstrap studio saves everything in json (compressed when exportet) it should be possible to convert im both directions with a well written parser. This seems to be the most wanted feature in my opinion.

4.) Spacing classes missing

Having margin and padding classes under options would be an enhancement.

Even though bootstrap studio does a good job in many things I don’t think it helps us to get a better workflow in creating reusable sections (compnents). Mainly number 1.) and 3.) are the real killer. I hope this input shows you another use case for your tool.

#3 would certainly be helpful, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for such a feature. There’s so much badly written HTML out there, and the devs created Bootstrap Studio to be a website builder, not an HTML validator.

I agree that it would be kind of cool if there were visual UI tools to apply utility classes, but with the ability to multi-select components, it’s now very easy to add utility classes to multiple components at once via the Attributes Panel. I’m not sure it would really be that much faster to go to a dropdown menu with the mouse than to simply type “pt-sm-3” (especially considering that screen space is at a premium in BSS until they can give us the option to detach panels and move them on to other monitors.)

Regarding #3, this might be of interest to the developers if they were to take your idea and roll with it…