Font size in hyperlink within pararaph

Is it possible to add font size to the text pop-up menu in addition to the bold/italic/change colour/superscript/subscript/etc. options to permit partial text/hyperlink formatting.within a paragraph? Thank you for your consideration.

Dunno on the font size, a dev will have to answer that part.

As for the Link, if you highlight any text within a paragraph and click the link button on the text edit menu you’ll get options for putting URL there as well as target options. Hopefully that’s what you were asking about. If not … never mind lol.

At first I would have said, “no” because the <font> tag was deprecated in HTML5, but on closer inspection I see they’re implementing the text color and background options by inserting a <span> with inline styling. I guess there’s really no reason they couldn’t add size as an option.

Of course, it’s easy enough to just drop a span in yourself and set the font size you want.

I see your logic & I tried dropping span in for the relevant word/link, but for some reason it didn’t work for me - font size is fine right down to MD, but as soon as I go to SM or XS, it enlarges it. I’ve even added suggested code to the head without success - perhaps there’s something in my viewport code for SM & XS that I simply cannot find by searching in order to amend it. If that’s so, perhaps putting font in the menu might not even resolve my issue in this site, but nevertheless, it would be very convenient to have it there. Thank you for your suggestion - I’m learning loads from this forum!

No, I’ve got all that, it’s a problem with the link text changing font size in SM & XS. Probably something wrong with my code somewhere! Thanks, anyway.

I believe it is possible, using a css query, but I would need more details about what you need, an example or image would help a lot.

If you upload your site and post the link, I’m sure someone here will tell you what’s wrong very quickly.

It’s the two click “HERE” links which change font size in SM & XS viewports.