Fontawesoms as img

BSS6.5.1, using bs5, I have put in the lines below in settings before content and third below is attempt of using a fa icon as a image in the card group thumbnail, all that shows in bss preview is a small vertical rectangle with an “x”. How should I do this if possible?

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

If you want to use a Font Awesome icon as an image in your card group, just drag the Icon component into the Thumbnail in the Overview and the delete the Image component.

You can also go to the Font Awesome website, find the icon you want and download the SVG file. Import that into BSS, double click the Image component in the Thumbnail and select the SVG image. This method will give you the most control over positioning and sizing.

A third way would be to copy the SVG code snippet from the Font Awesome website, and use a Custom Code component in place of the Image component in the Thumbnail. Paste the snippet into your custom code component.